IT is an integral part of Business today and driving the competitive advantage for organization. The common challenges faced by both Business and IT leaders are IT cost transparency, IT alignment with Business objectives and of managing external IT Service Providers. Costnomics provides you with the knowledge needed to gain control over your IT expenditures, helping you run IT like a business and giving you deep insight into your IT costs. Costnomics’ innovation is delivering to your Business the next generation Software as Service (SaaS) IT Business Management solutions that provide a very measured approach to problem solving the cost economics of your IT organization. Through its products and expertise Costnomics provides you with rapid insight into your IT costs allowing your Enterprise to make more informed IT investment decisions. Costnomics products arm you with the knowledge you need to contribute to driving better business outcomes.

Service Cost Management


Using IT Cost Management to Increase IT Value

Costnomics offers a new approach to understand the cost of IT Services. Using the next generation technologies, and costing engine, our approach is designed to enable you to solve the complexity of IT spend allowing full IT cost transparency and rapid understanding of financial structure.

With an advanced computation engine and accounting logic, Service Cost Management (SCM) consolidates invoice, GL, time and other key information to compute an accurate Cost of IT Services. Costnomics solution enable you to move beyond simple Allocation methods and get better and accurate understanding of Service Costs

Service Cost Management (SCM) solves many complex financial questions like:

  • Insight into Cost Structures at Macro and Micro level
  • Understand Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of IT Services
  • What are the key drivers of IT 'Run' and 'Build' costs?
  • How to benchmark cost of specific IT Services?
  • How can IT costs be made more controllable and above the line?
  • How to enable zero based budgeting for IT Services?

Key Features:

  • Powerful Bottom Up Costing of Technology Service like Storage, Server to fully understand Unit Costing and Cost Drivers
  • Build a strong foundation to understand the TCO of Business Applications and IT Products
  • Integrated with Costnomics Service Catalog to current prices of IT and Business Services
  • Support IT Cost Reduction and IT Cost Containment strategies
  • Measure the performance and efficiency of your IT Services against internal and external Benchmarks
  • Develop and Simplify Service Based Budgeting
  • Create a defensible Annual Operating Plan

Service Portfolio Management


Transparency in IT Services

A common challenge for many Organizations is that IT services are not known to Business and it treats IT as a “Black Box”. A key step for IT is to provide visibility into and better control over their IT Service Portfolio. Costnomics’ solutions help IT overcome the difficulty of showing the value of IT to their Business Partners by providing a consistent and accurate IT view using a common taxonomy that both IT and the Business Users understand. The Service Portfolio Management provide solution to showcase the service provided by IT in easy to use interface.

Service Portfolio Management (SPM) helps IT to solve problems like:

  • Powerful Bottom Up Costing of Technology Service like Storage, Server to fully understand Unit Costing and Cost Drivers
  • How to create a common language between Business and IT?
  • What is the common framework for IT to IT interaction?
  • How can IT enable a user friendly view of IT services?
  • How to explain the different service level and cost to Business?

Key Features:

  • Create an IT Service Portfolio with a related Business Service Catalog that contains Services available to end users, as well as a Technical Services used by IT only
  • Communicate the Service pipeline - IT Services that are currently being planned, created as well as retired
  • Modern ‘book view’ design to easily communicate detailed Service Descriptions, Service Level Agreements and Service Pricing
  • Integrated with Costnomics Service Catalog to current prices of IT and Business Services
  • Create Business and Technical Services using an easy to use, customizable User Interface and Workflow Engine
  • One click upload for Application, Process and Financial Mapping data

IT Investment Management

Light Bulb

Accurately Understand IT Investment Choices

Costnomics is introducing new ideas and concepts into the market today. We are leading the way with our IT Investment Management solution enabling our customers to analyze their existing investments and do ‘what-if’ impact analysis. We are assisting our customers understand the total cost of ownership of their financial decision as they are faced with the prospect of investing in an Internal Cloud. For example, do they invest in a VCE Vblock solution or pursue one of the other alternatives. Costnomics provides its customers with advanced financial knowledge and an improved understanding of cost enabling them to make more transparent and informed financial decisions.

Costnomics’ IT Financial Management can help you in a number of ways:

  • “What if” analysis
  • Procedures and methodologies for improving IT investment decision-making
  • Forecasting fully loaded TCO analysis
  • Understanding the cost drivers behind your investment choices

IT Charge Management


Stop Simple Allocation of Costs to Your Business

In today’s world, Business leaders are struggling to get a clear visibility into their IT cost and consumption of IT Services. Business Units are left with more questions than answers. One of the key reasons business units may go around IT and using external clouds is this transparency of costs and benefits. Allocation of IT expenses can be very convoluted, resulting in mistrust and confusion by the business partner about how and why charges are applied. It is not just about creating a Bill-of -IT, this transparency provided to the business units needs to be accurate and defensible.

Costnomics is innovating new technologies and approaches that help you understand who is consuming what IT Services and utilization of IT Services. Costnomics provides true cost of IT through a detailed Bill-of-IT, a summarized report to the Business Units on the clear visibility into their IT costs, usage, and alternatives of the IT Services. Through our solution, you can measure internal IT performance against External Service Providers and link price / performance to give the Business Units more options to lower cost.

IT Cost Management provides you:

  • Detailed “Bill of IT” that is defendable
  • Industry methods using ARC/RRC (Resource Unit) method to Chargeback
  • Business Modeler to analyze costs by Line of Business (LOB)
  • Analyze and Understand fixed vs. variable IT costs

IT Performance Management


Decision Analytics for IT Business Management

In today’s economic climate CFOs and CIOs are under significant pressure to explain in detail, to their Business partners, the spend in IT and to showcase the effective value of IT. Often IT financial data is held in disparate systems with the result that both IT and Finance staff are unable to easily and consistently access data from these different sources. This has led to often incomplete and inaccurate reporting. Existing financial reporting and analysis is limited and assumptive based as a result of macro level data, like the General Ledger, being used as the costing foundation. With insufficient insight into the IT cost levers, IT finds it difficult to make IT costs controllable and to make optimal financial, operational and contractual decisions.

Costnomics, IT Performance Management (IPM)solution provide analytics for the CIOs, CFOs and service manager to understand the critical KPI's of service provided by IT. IPM’s advanced functionality offers collaborative tools to help IT align with Business objectives. Organizations are tapping into Costnomics’ Financial Intelligence (FI) through its modular Performance Management suite. The IT Performance Management platform is an integrated solution built on Microsoft’s Business Intelligence Architecture. It delivers modern reporting, analytics, dashboards and scorecards through a single pane interface view. The easy to use reporting interface allows the user to view for example, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of Services, Depreciation by Asset and Service Benchmarking data. IPM offers an Organization's IT and Finance Department the ability to manage IT Service cost performance proactively.

Costnomics IT Performance Management provide an easy to use analytical solution to understand cost and performance analytics for both Technical and Business services.

IT Performance Management (IPM) help you to answer analytical questions like:

  • Cost and Capacity of Services
  • Cost distribution based on multiple drivers
  • Understanding of cost and capacity of services provided by vendor to support Business Services
  • Understanding of the business behaviour and impact on IT costs
  • How can I identify transformation opportunity in IT?
  • Trends and analysis of cost spending