Costnomics Solves Complex Business/IT Financial Problems

Information Technology is strategic to organization. The investment in IT enable organizations to meet their business goals and provide competitive advantage. It is important to ensure that IT is agile and able to meet the changing nature of business. Strong alignment between IT leadership and CxO’s are critical for the success. It is important for executives to invest in the right set of IT services and with competitive cost structure. Costnomics Advisory services enable the IT and Business executive to speak common language and transform IT from traditional to lean and agile IT.

IT needs to transform itself into next generation organization that can not only innovate and invest in right solution but also act as broker where the solutions are more commoditize. Most IT organizations have legacy Application and Infrastructure that is difficult to transform and it’s important to transition those solution to next generation platform.

Transforming IT is a phased approach that starts from:

  • Instituting an IT transformation program that creates baseline and roadmap for transformation
  • Create a process framework that drives continuous improvements
  • Identify new solutions that are cost effective and agile

Costnomics Advisory Services is based on the above approach and has helped organization to take informed decision in their transformation journey. We help support IT by designing the right operating and financial models, decision-making processes, incentives, and metrics.

It Transformation Advisory Services


IT Transformation is the need of organization to transition from old way of running IT to a new operating model where the agility and cost are key factors. New generation service providers are forcing IT to either align with new models of service delivery or be reduces to IT Service brokers. We help organizations to assess the current state of the IT by base lining current costs and SLAs, build a roadmap to transform IT to a service provider and build a performance model that can provide transparency to business partners.

We bring our deep expertise in IT Business Management, operational transformation, and technology to a range of improvement opportunities. We work with both IT and business to evolve the next generation IT model that is core to the success of your organization. We can transition from where you are today by enabling you to:

  • Create an IT strategy that align with your business
  • Baseline your current IT operating model and portfolio
  • Identify Improvement initiatives and prioritization
  • Building new operation model that is agile and lean
Realize the benefits of Next Generation IT Business Management Model

Transition from an old way for running IT to new management model where you are competing with external service providers. Costnomics advisory will help you to realize the benefits by enabling you to:

  • Transition from a Technology to a Service Model by base lining the current IT portfolio and redesigning it based on the a service model that is aligned with the business.
  • Enable the Consumerization of IT by identifying the services that can be Commoditized.
  • Create Accountability Model for IT by building operational model that is more in line to cost and SLA provided by external service provider
  • Identify Process Model for internal services that can provide deeper transparency into IT operations
  • Whether you would like to kick off or accelerate the pace of IT transformation, you can trust on the expertise of Costnomics to help you in this journey.
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ItIL Advisory & Implementation

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To align IT with business objectives and goals, organization need to build and optimize operational process that enable them to be agile and lean. Using ITIL and other best practices framework organizations can transition from an internal IT model to a service provider model where they can be more responsive and transparent. We help organization to assess, design and implement IT service operation model based on industry best practices and framework.

Our IT Process advisory offers a proven approach to identify gaps between IT and Business and create a services framework that will enable IT to Run as a Business. We work with your business partners to understand the expectations and assess the current support model to identify the gaps. We can identify and build an approach to:

  • Build an assessment framework to enable continuous service improvement
  • Identify initiatives to improve various operation processes based on best practices frameworks
  • Implement the process and measure key performance indicators
  • Implementation and enhancement of tools
Create an agile IT that is Responsive and Relevant

IT processes needs to be agile and responsive to the changing landscape. Costnomics team will help you though this transformation by supporting you to:

  • Identify the process gaps by assessing the current state and manage the transition
  • Establish a process framework by identifying and aligning with best practice(ITIL), framework (COBIT) and Standards (ISO20K)
  • Integrate with current platform by configuring existing solution and implementing new solution
  • Create a service transparency model utilizing a Business Service framework enabling better visibility of IT services provided to Business

If you are considering to optimize your current operational processes, Costnomics can help in aligning your process and ensuring that it integrates with IT Business Management solution.

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Cloud Advisory Services


Cloud services like Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) are technology platforms that are changing the dynamics of IT in the enterprise and is changing the delivery and support model for CIO’s. For large enterprises its important to create a sound financial strategy to manage the transition on to this new paradigm.

Our cloud advisory services offers an impartial view of the cloud economics and provide. We work with internal IT to define a service that can be compared to the likes of cloud and identify the gaps between these two model. Our advisory service helps to create a long term plan through:

  • Assessment of internal services and its key metrics
  • Cost models for internal service using the same assumption of service provided by external provider
  • Create a muti-year business case taking into account the existing investment in people, process & technology
  • Recommendation and roadmap for moving services to cloud (internal or external)
Build a financial model to show economic benefits of cloud

IT Some of the service by virtue of commoditization are more suited in the cloud. Costnomics team will work with your organization to help you understand this transition by:needs to be agile and responsive to the changing landscape. Costnomics team will help you though this transformation by supporting you to:

  • Building a business case to showcase the economics benefits of both internal vs. external cloud depending on the various parameters of service
  • Creating a metrics framework to review the performance of services on the cloud and identify opportunities to consolidate vendors
  • Publishing a Vendor Scorecard to evaluate the cost and performance of services across various vendors
  • Create a charge back model to drive accountability of the spend and visibility across enterprise

If you are considering to optimize to migrate to external cloud or in process of evaluating the decision to build internal cloud, Costnomics team can bring their financial & technical expertise to help you with the decision making.

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