Costnomics is a thought leader, a leading technology innovator in the area of IT Financial Management (ITFM). We are a Silicon Valley company founded by a group of financial, business and technology professionals and consultants.

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Delivery of Value

Our focus is on the delivery of value to our customers by improving their bottom line profitability and the maximization of the strategic value of their IT investments. Our target benefit is that our customers see a Return On Investment (ROI) > 10x using our best of breed solutions and processes.

Providing the Tools

As a company we are committed to providing the tools that will enable our customers to understand how to optimize their IT Services, lowering operational costs in a sustainable manner. Our focus and real world experience means that we can deliver on our mission which is the rapid improvement in our customer’s profitability via comprehensive 360 degree visibility.

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End-to-End Solution

Our strategy and core focus is to provide an end-to-end solution for the financial side of IT resulting in IT operating more effectively and efficiently. Costnomics aims to maximize our customers existing investment in solutions such as Oracle, SAP ERP and other Service Management Tools through technology integration and process improvement.

Costnomics strongly believes operational excellence requires a strong combination of people, technology and process integration; and to ensure that this occurs Costnomics partners with its customers ensuring that the cost transparency is action- able and can be translated into practical methods for cost containment and reduction in both the short, medium and long term.


Your Success is Our Focus

Costnomics is a thought leader in the use of IT Financial Management as an instrument of IT transformation and competitive advantage.

Manav Singh, CEO

Manav has over two decades audit and consulting experience. He is an entrepreneur by nature and has opened two successful companies and sold them to Fortune 500. He is a recognized entrepreneur in the valley and specializes in delivery of services to communications, networking, semiconductor and bio-tech industries. His background includes seven years with PricewaterhouseCoopers. As the CEO he is responsible for the for company vision, strategic direction, planning and execution.

Hardeep Singh, Co-founder & CTO

Hardeep Singh is Co-founder and CTO at Costnomics. He has 22 years of experience in IT and expertise in IT Operations, Managed Security Service, IT Financial management and Product Development. Prior to Costnomics he had worked with large enterprises and Investment bank where he supported the IT transformation initiative. At Costnomics he is responsible for Product Vision, technology architecture and evangelizing the solution with customers and partners.

Manpreet Grover, Board Member

Manpreet Grover is Board Member of Costnomics. She has over two decades of experience working with Big 4 consulting firm. She is a Chartered accountant from UK and a California CPA. She brings extensive financial accounting experience in Internet, Software and Life Science industry.



Partner with Costnomics to Ensure Success throughout Your Business Cycle

Costnomics can help you increase revenue, accelerate your sales cycle, win more deals, expand your skill set, provide more reliable deployments, and increase customer satisfaction. Our focus on partnering with complementary solutions and organizations ensures success for our customers.

At Costnomics, we believe that our partners play a pivotal role in helping us solve the complex challenges that our customers face. We work closely with our partners by aligning our capabilities with theirs to effectively solve our customer's problems and add value. Our partnership strategy is based on the following core principles:

  • Deep commitment and complete focus on Customer success
  • Building powerful, effective and practical integrated solutions that rapidly address customer challenges
  • Use Industry best practice process and tools to solve the Business/IT Financial informational needs of our customers
  • Expand market opportunity and reach of our solutions to become a market leader providing even greater support to our customers

Consulting Partners:

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Find out about upcoming live and online events where you can learn more about our industry-leading enterprise IT Financial Management solution and services. Whether you prefer trade shows, conferences, seminars, webinars or podcasts we offer many opportunities for you to hear how Costnomics can address all of your IT Cost Transparency challenges.